About Samos

Accidental Death Insurance for Medical Procedures (ADIM) is an insurance product designed to fill a gap in traditional insurance policies.
Samos’ founders have backgrounds in health-tech, medical-tech, and insurance. They came together around a single mission: to provide security to folks having surgery. They created the world’s first Accidental Death Insurance for Medical Procedures (ADIM) and offered it on-demand, like travel insurance. ADIM is a quick, simple, and modern way for patients to get insurance coverage when they need it.

Our Story

An illustration of Eric in a hospital bed

In 2020, Samos’ Founder, Eric, was gowned and waiting on a gurney for his surgery when he realized he didn’t have life insurance. He had just left his job and was no longer covered by the group, life, or AD&D insurance benefits of his previous company.

An illustration of Eric on a bed looking at his phone's search results.

He looked up his surgery online as his thoughts were filled with all sorts of “what ifs.” Should the unthinkable happen, he wanted his family to be taken care of. He believed that where there are well understood risks, you could usually find mitigation in the form of insurance. But he didn’t find what he was looking for in his time of need.

An illustration of Eric having come up with an idea

Fortunately, Eric made it through his surgery, but the experience stuck with him. In digging further, he found that many people have little to no insurance. And for those who do, they may not understand what is or isn’t covered. Many AD&D policies actually exclude death during medical treatment and surgery.

An illustration of Eric along with Matt and Leon

Eric went on to team up with health data expert, Matt, and insurance expert, Leon, to develop insurance that could address this unique need. This led to the founding of Samos Insurance. We provide quick and cost effective insurance coverage for accidental death during surgery.

Why samos?

Because we’ve been there!

Whether experiencing surgery firsthand or watching a family member with worry, we know what it’s like to face uncertainty. That’s why we developed the world’s first on-demand insurance product that covers accidental death during surgery.

Samos was founded to provide affordable coverage that fills a gap in traditional insurance packages. We make it easy to get financial peace of mind for your loved ones before you go into surgery. Sign up is simple, no medical exam is required, and there are no monthly payments.