Affordable insurance for accidental death during surgery.
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Covers the majority of elective surgeries including coronary bypass, joint replacement, C-section and many more.


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Insurance can be confusing but Samos is working to make it simpler.
Get a quote online within seconds.
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How much does it cost?

Premiums are calculated based on age, procedure, and desired insurance coverage. Most of our premiums are under $100.

What coverage do you offer?

Surgical Risk Protection insurance (SRP) offers coverage for most elective surgeries. It covers the time from admission to discharge at $50k, $100k, or $200k insurance benefits.

Is my procedure covered?

We cover hundreds of elective procedures which account for half of all procedures conducted annually. We will confirm whether or not your procedure is covered during the application process.

What if my procedure is rescheduled?

Stuff happens. If your procedure is delayed, let us know at least 48 hours before your original admission date. If your procedure is scheduled earlier, let us know at least 48 hours before your new admission date.

What are elective surgeries?

Elective surgeries are medical procedures that can be booked in advance. They aren’t emergent, life threatening, critical, or sudden. But contact us anytime to be sure, we're here to help!

Are there medical requirements?

There are no medical related questions or exams other than identifying the surgery you are having.

How can I get in touch with someone?

You can email or call us at 1-866-875-1999.

How soon before surgery do I need to sign up?

You must sign up at least 48 hours before your surgery.

Who can apply for coverage?

Individuals in Canada aged 20-69 undergoing elective surgery can apply for Surgical Risk Protection insurance (SRP).

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What People Say About Samos

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"My employer's benefits didn't cover me for elective surgeries. If something were to happen to me during this surgery, my family would be faced with not just immense grief, but a sizable financial burden.

Samos saved the day. Coverage was simple & quick to buy online. Samos gave us peace of mind when we needed it the most." — Aaron
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"We're both working professionals and a few weeks before my scheduled caesarian, we had done some research on education savings & life insurance, but we needed something quickly.

All I wanted a one-time policy that gave my family security & financial peace of mind in the worst case scenario so I could be less anxious for the surgery. Samos turned out to be exactly what we needed." — Emily
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"Samos gave me an affordable insurance policy that let me walk into my surgery knowing that if the unforeseen complication occurred, my family would have financial security to lean on to. From start to finish, getting coverage from Samos was refreshingly fast and easy." — Rahul

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